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Hosting teachers and educators

Hello , I teach english in a Science High School in Modena in the north of Italy. Our students sre from 14 to 19 years old. We are accredited until 2027 and we have had other Erasmus porjects in these last years with France, Spain, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Belgium. We are ready to host […]

MECH-SKILLS: Mechanical Skills through VET Internships

The MECH-SKILLS Project, conducted by Liceul Tehnologic Henri Coandă Tulcea, aims to enhance vocational training, develop general technical skills, and train key practical abilities in vocational school students. By participating in practical training with companies in Portugal (Braga region), the project seeks to ease students’ transition into the labor market post-graduation. Internal Context: The project […]

Secondary School near Cologne/Germany, new partners/contacts

We are a secondary school, near Cologne/Germany. We are experienced in KA2 Erasmusprojects. We offer bilingual classes, suppoerting staff, a network of local partners e.g. universitites and companies. We are always looking for reliable partners for Small Scale Projects. Attached you find our latest projects. If you are interestged to collaborate, do not hesitate to […]

KA121 Hosting teachers and experts

I am Annalisa Blè; I teach english in a science high school in Modena, in the north of Italy “Liceo Alessandro Tassoni” and I am the person in charge for Erasmus+ projects. We have an accreditation until 2027 and for next year we have received an Erasmus grant for teachers to attend courses and job-shadowing […]

Europe collective

In our school, there are 600 students aged 11 to 15. We are in the South of France, in Calvisson, located near Nimes, Montpellier and the Mediterranean. Our objectives are to promote well-being, creativity, eco awareness and sustainability and improve English language skills with innovative pedagogies. We are looking for partners to exchange 14-15 year-old students. […]

Mevlana’s Mesnevi Comparative Language and Literature Project / Göthe’s Faust “The Problem of Self and Satan 2024/2025

  Mevlana’nın Mesnevi’sindeki nefs meselesini Goethe’nin Faust’undaki şeytanla karşılaştıracak bir yöntem geliştirmek amacıyla şu adımlar izlenecektir: 1. Tanımları Anlamak: Nefs ve şeytan kavramlarının hem eserlerdeki tanımlarını hem de temsil ettikleri anlamları açıklığa kavuşturmak önemlidir. Mesnevi’de ruh, insanın iç dünyasındaki alçak arzuları, nefs ve nefs mücadelelerini temsil ederken; Faust’ta şeytan (Mephistopheles), dış dünyadan gelen ayartmanın ve […]

Partnership Mobility of Students school year 2024-2025 SPAIN

Dear all, We are currently looking for parthnerships to work on a European project. We would like to collab in Erasmus exchanges, jobshadowings, e-twinning collaboration…. overall any kind of experience. We are a bilingual Primary School in Cuenca, Spain, CEIP ISAAC ALBÉNIZ. This year we have collaborated with schools Check Republic, Germany and Slovakia. Our […]

Partnership for mobility activities for students and teachers 2024/2025.

Our Erasmus project:  Let’s light motivation to know, learn and understand by crossing the boundaries.  We have obtained the Erasmus+ Accreditation (2023-2027). We are looking for partners for staff job shadowing and the mobility of two separate groups of students (12-14 years old). We are mainly interested in sharing ideas and good practices in the […]

Teaching sustainability and more with games (tabletop escape rooms)

URGENT! Due to last minute cancellation, we are looking for JUST ONE SECONDARY SCHOOL for our project (see below for more details). We have already a partnership established with 5 organization (3 schools, 1 teacher training provider, 1 university, from Germany, Spain, Italy, and Slovakia), and the project is already prepared. RESPOND TO THIS ADVERTISEMENT IMMEDIATELY […]

Woman talent

We are looking for partners for Ka122 project called “Women talent” to be submitted on 02/20. I work in a secondary school in Taranto (Italy). Our project has three main objectives: 1. Develop skills of citizenship: promote the values of respect and gender equality, playing an active role in civil society and proposing concrete solutions […]

Innovative steps in seconds language teaching in Turkey

Hello everyone! We are a school from Turkey and we are working on an Erasmus K122-SCH project on teaching English as a foreign language . We are looking for schools with students between the ages of 5 and 14 for job shadowing ….From finland ,Germany,Holland,Norway, Sweden,Switzerland .


DEAR ALL, I work in a vocational secondary school and I manage our trainee agreements (business office) at the Vue Belle secondary school on Reunion Island (a French overseas country) in the Indian Ocean. We would like to do exchanges with English-speaking secondary schools offering the same training as our school. – business – sales […]

Erasmus Accreditation

We are a KA120 accredited institution for the mobility of adult learners. In 2023-2024 we are developing a KA121 project with three objectives: inclusion, digital education and the internationalization of our institution.  

Erasmus+ Job shadowing

We are Erasmus+ accredited Gargzdai Krantas progymnasium in Klaipeda district western Lithuania and at the moment we are planning job shadowing mobilities from 01-06-2024 to 31-08-2025.  Our students (in grades 1-8) are aged between 7-16. Also, there are 2 classes with special needs students. 73 teachers and educational support specialists work with about 850 students.  […]

Key words: Inclusion, diversity, sustainability and technology in the audiovisual and tourism sectors

The aim of this project is to promote mobility for short-term learning purposes for vocational education and training students, with the aim of expanding, increasing, integrating, dynamising, innovating and creating partnerships with International organisations capable of providing unique and enriching realities and experiences for our learners from low socio-economic backgrounds, unique, enriching and sustainable realities […]


We are an accredited  high school from Sofia, Bulgaria. We need to look for tools to improve skills to a new level – not only to teach differently, but to help students, to parents and the teachers themselves to deal with isolation, with barriers in communication. A part of the students she is used to […]

Estancias Profesionales – Séjours professionnels – Job shadowing

Hello! My name is Angela Llorente and I am a teacher in Spain. I work in a school (CP Rosario Pérez) which is located near Valencia, as a Visual Arts and English teacher. I am interested in visiting your school for a 2-week period, because I have a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education […]

Erasmus Accreditation KA121

The project aims at developing  digital skills and improving digital literacy  of both teachers and students mainly in the area of using AI in foreign language teaching. It also focuses on project based and problem based learning to foster students’ collaboration skills and crtical and creative thinking. Soft skills such as problem-solving skill, adaptability and […]

EcoMobiTech: Integrating Green Mobility and Technology in Higher Education

Abstract: The Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AAST), a leading institution in the MENA region for technological and maritime education, is excited to propose the EcoMobiTech project under the Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education. This project aims to integrate green mobility and sustainable transportation technologies into higher education […]

Echange Chateauneuf-Espagne

Bonjour, Nous cherchons un collège Espagnol pour envisager un échange pour environ 80 élèves de 3ème. Si l’accueil proposé est de 50 élèves Espagnol, nous pouvons loger le reste des collégiens Français à l’hôtel. Nous sommes deux enseignants à aller prochainement en Espagne : En Avril : Séville et Grenade En Aout : Minorque et […]


In collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Secondary Education in the Dodecanese, South Aegean we are looking for partners, schools, educational organisations, museums, etc. One of our working concepts/ideas is to connect our various mythologies with environmental sustainability.

KA122 Student Mobility

Apart from the mobilities involving our training as educators, we have decided to include a student mobility with 10-12 students, age 13-14 and 14-15, in our new Erasmus+ proposal. We need a school willing to host our students for 10 days and we offer the same. We will not be requesting hospitality arrangements as far […]


We would like to get to know how children in Europen countries play. We’re surrounded by games in unprecedented quantity and variety. Yet we find that we (already) have a cluelessness and aloofness towards toys. Children are happy to exist in the game. Team buliding, dramatical games, role playing, boardgames- every kind of games that […]

Salud, Inclusión y Sostenibilidad. Los PatiODS del Baleares

Somos Cristina y Marta dos profesoras de educación física que impartimos clase en Secundaria y Bachillerato en el IES Baleares de Valencia. Buscamos un centro promotor de la actividad física y el deporte y que a su vez trabaje con proyectos de Salud,  inclusión y sostenibilidad. En la actualidad, nosotras llevamos a cabo en nuestro […]

S.E.S Sustainable Ecological Schools

As a primary school that carries out eco-school activities, the main goal of our project is to raise environmental awareness in our students, to increase their ecological awareness and to enable them to transfer this to non-school areas. In this context, our priority is to increase the ecological sensitivity of our teachers and studentsWe, to […]

AI-Powered Custom Language Learning Platform

Adult language education is so diverse that language schools often find it challenging to adapt their classes, whether online or face-to-face, to the specific profiles of their learners. Consequently, the classes are not sufficiently tailored to meet the needs and objectives of adult learners, leading to a high dropout rate from language classes. A study […]

Tackling gender stereotypes and developing pupils’self-esteem

Hello, My name is Lobna, I am an English teacher in a middle-school (pupils age between 12 to 15  yo) located in Marseille, in the South of France. Through to this project, we want our pupils to realize that their curricular choices or their-sometimes- problematic relationships with their schoolmates can be linked to social norms […]

To Gather

Project description: This project is oriented towards supporting PWDs and their families throughout inclusion in social life. It comes in partnership with business and civic sector organizations with collaboration from schools. project goal: enhance inclusion of PWDs from various types of disabilities to communicate with schools’ students in social life contexts   project activities: 1. […]