Woman talent

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Deadline to apply: 20/02/2024

We are looking for partners for Ka122 project called “Women talent” to be submitted on 02/20. I work in a secondary school in Taranto (Italy).
Our project has three main objectives:
1. Develop skills of citizenship: promote the values of respect and gender equality, playing an active role in civil society and proposing concrete solutions to the enhancement of female talent.
2. Develop creative and language skills through non-formal and informal learning (theatre)
3. Promote cooperation and cultural exchange in blended activities.
we expect the following:
The student will develop citizenship skills, increasing his awareness of women’s role in society and formulating solutions to promote the culture of respect, freedom and enhancement of female talent.
He will use native and foreign language appropriately and creatively in concrete communication contexts.
He will interact with people of different cultures with a perspective of sharing, respecting and exchanging, developing social and intercultural skills required to European citizens.
If interested, please contact me for more information about the planned activities.

Looking for Partners specialized in

  • Secondary

What qualities we seek in potential partners

We want to share informations and opinions about our Countries mindset towards the role of women in our history and society, in order to promote a new mentality based on respect and recognition of female talent. We would like to debate on those themes through video conferences and sharing materials and activities, in blended learning (distance and presence). We are looking for organization available to host us in a Group mobility to share experiences and, possibly, to stage our play based on the themes of the project.


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