Topic: Environment and fight against climate change

Estancias Profesionales – Séjours professionnels – Job shadowing

Hello! My name is Angela Llorente and I am a teacher in Spain. I work in a school (CP Rosario Pérez) which is located near Valencia, as a Visual Arts and English teacher. I am interested in visiting your school for a 2-week period, because I have a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education […]

EcoMobiTech: Integrating Green Mobility and Technology in Higher Education

Abstract: The Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AAST), a leading institution in the MENA region for technological and maritime education, is excited to propose the EcoMobiTech project under the Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education. This project aims to integrate green mobility and sustainable transportation technologies into higher education […]


In collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Secondary Education in the Dodecanese, South Aegean we are looking for partners, schools, educational organisations, museums, etc. One of our working concepts/ideas is to connect our various mythologies with environmental sustainability.

KA122 Student Mobility

Apart from the mobilities involving our training as educators, we have decided to include a student mobility with 10-12 students, age 13-14 and 14-15, in our new Erasmus+ proposal. We need a school willing to host our students for 10 days and we offer the same. We will not be requesting hospitality arrangements as far […]

S.E.S Sustainable Ecological Schools

As a primary school that carries out eco-school activities, the main goal of our project is to raise environmental awareness in our students, to increase their ecological awareness and to enable them to transfer this to non-school areas. In this context, our priority is to increase the ecological sensitivity of our teachers and studentsWe, to […]


We’d like to create a program with our partners to work on these topics before, during and after the exchange. We can offer some interesting not formal activities in the cioty of Valencia and workshops in natural protected areas, such as Albufera lake or El Saler beach, that can help students to understand the impact […]

A Mediterranean floating University for sustainability, solidarity and peace

Establishing a mobile University through the cooperation of organizations across the Mediterranean, with staff and students from as many Med. countries as possible. The curriculum would cater to the SDGs, cross-cultural communication, community service etc. The boat(s) would move across the Mediterranean and adjacent regions, remain in ports and cooperate with local organizations which address […]

Sustainable e-citizens

A project aiming at creating  sustainable schools,  sustainable societies training pupils to be the e -citizens of the future , Using AI tools for the sake of Education and training pupils how to use them effectiveltv

“Finnish Education Exchange: Bridging the World of Learning”

This project aims to provide an immersive experience for teachers from Portugal and Brazil to explore the Finnish education system, exchange best practices, and foster international collaboration in education. The project will consist of several key components:   1. Teacher Exchange Program:  a group of teachers from Portugal and Brazil can participate in the program. […]