Europass Projects Platform

Erasmus Partnerships Made Simple

Our Platform serves as a hub for teachers and principals interested in developing Erasmus projects with partners from across Europe. Whether you’re looking for international partnerships, planning teacher and student exchanges, or looking for a company hosting VET learners, you can find the right partner in the portal.

How to use the Platform

Browse and contact Organizations for KA1

  • Explore our database of educational organizations.
  • Find a host school for Job Shadowing, for Teaching Assignment or for Students’ Mobility

Browse and join KA2 Projects

  • Discover partnership project ideas posted by schools in search of partners.
  • Connect with partners that align with your school’s goals and interests.

Before starting:

Create an account

After logging in, you can view and filter all organizations by country, areas of interest, or activities, as well as browse and contact the projects’ creators.

You have the flexibility to add new organizations and projects at any time. If your organization is already listed on the platform, its creator can seamlessly include you as a member.

About the Platform

This is a non-profit community platform developed by Europass Teacher Academy, a trusted partner of 5,000 schools annually and a leader in organizing Erasmus mobilities, boasting over 30 years of expertise in mobility projects.

Its purpose is to facilitate connections between schools and organizations seeking Erasmus partners but lacking the knowledge of how to find them.

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To ensure eligibility, applications must be duly completed and submitted within the specified funding deadlines.

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