Topic: Digital Transformation

Accredited Italian School -located in Siena

We are an accredited Middle school and are looking for schools from Northern Europe: Finland, Denmark, Norway -The Netherlands- Ireland for job shadowing and student mobility activities. We offer ourselves as a host school for students and teachers in job shadowing. Students will be hosted with family.

Erasmus+ Job shadowing

We are Erasmus+ accredited Gargzdai Krantas progymnasium in Klaipeda district western Lithuania and at the moment we are planning job shadowing mobilities from 01-06-2024 to 31-08-2025.  Our students (in grades 1-8) are aged between 7-16. Also, there are 2 classes with special needs students. 73 teachers and educational support specialists work with about 850 students.  […]


We are an accredited  high school from Sofia, Bulgaria. We need to look for tools to improve skills to a new level – not only to teach differently, but to help students, to parents and the teachers themselves to deal with isolation, with barriers in communication. A part of the students she is used to […]

Estancias Profesionales – Séjours professionnels – Job shadowing

Hello! My name is Angela Llorente and I am a teacher in Spain. I work in a school (CP Rosario Pérez) which is located near Valencia, as a Visual Arts and English teacher. I am interested in visiting your school for a 2-week period, because I have a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education […]

Erasmus Accreditation KA121

The project aims at developing  digital skills and improving digital literacy  of both teachers and students mainly in the area of using AI in foreign language teaching. It also focuses on project based and problem based learning to foster students’ collaboration skills and crtical and creative thinking. Soft skills such as problem-solving skill, adaptability and […]

KA122 Student Mobility

Apart from the mobilities involving our training as educators, we have decided to include a student mobility with 10-12 students, age 13-14 and 14-15, in our new Erasmus+ proposal. We need a school willing to host our students for 10 days and we offer the same. We will not be requesting hospitality arrangements as far […]

AI-Powered Custom Language Learning Platform

Adult language education is so diverse that language schools often find it challenging to adapt their classes, whether online or face-to-face, to the specific profiles of their learners. Consequently, the classes are not sufficiently tailored to meet the needs and objectives of adult learners, leading to a high dropout rate from language classes. A study […]

Accredited projects for mobility of learners and staff in school education Goals 1: Provide students with broad experiences and the possibility of consolidating digital and adaptation and autonomy practices through international project activities. 2: Increase the change in attitudes and behaviors within the scope of citizenship for the use sustainable environmental resources 3: Adopt innovative pedagogies that improve the quality of school success, aiming to […]