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Deadline to apply: 27/04/2024

We would like to get to know how children in Europen countries play.

We’re surrounded by games in unprecedented quantity and variety. Yet we find that we (already) have a cluelessness and aloofness towards toys. Children are happy to exist in the game.

Team buliding, dramatical games, role playing, boardgames- every kind of games that can be played in a school area to bring children together. Online and offline games.


Looking for Partners specialized in

  • Primary

What qualities we seek in potential partners

Experienced upper primary school in Hungary-Szeged (Art Nouveau city) is looking for a partner for a short time student mobility. We would like to make a student exchange in spring 2024. 10-12 students (14-15 years old)with two teachers. Our topic is Let's play Togehter!: offline games like dramatical games, icebreakers, team buliding, and online games, coding, gaming, robotics. If you are interested, don't hesitate!


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