Accredited projects for mobility of learners and staff in school education

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Deadline to apply: 30/06/2024

Goals 1: Provide students with broad experiences and the possibility of consolidating digital and
adaptation and autonomy practices through international project activities.
2: Increase the change in attitudes and behaviors within the scope of citizenship for the use
sustainable environmental resources
3: Adopt innovative pedagogies that improve the quality of school success, aiming to
global development of the student.
4: Improve the digital and linguistic skills of teaching, non-teaching and student staff, through
preparation activities for mobilities and their implementation and operationalization
5: Create an environment favorable to inclusion, professional and personal development through innovation and adoption of good practices

Looking for Partners specialized in

  • Primary
  • Secondary

What qualities we seek in potential partners

Reliable and secure in the development and application of their teaching strategies. Schools from northern and central Europe, but from the south will also be welcome.



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