Tackling gender stereotypes and developing pupils’self-esteem

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My name is Lobna, I am an English teacher in a middle-school (pupils age between 12 to 15  yo) located in Marseille, in the South of France.

Through to this project, we want our pupils to realize that their curricular choices or their-sometimes- problematic relationships with their schoolmates can be linked to social norms especially gender norms. We want to develop educatioanl tools that will lead them to question gender stereotypes at schools and to a larger extent in society. We also want them to interact on this issue with European pupils to help them broaden their viewpoints. Finally we think that not having preconceived opinions about themselves and others can help them be more tolerant and improve/strengthen their self-esteem.


Lobna Ben Hassine

Looking for Partners specialized in

  • Secondary

What qualities we seek in potential partners

We would love to have a partnership with a Middle-school in Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark or Malta for this specific issue. We have applied for a K120 Erasmus+ program and we are waiting for the reply. It will be great to have a partner who has already worked on gender stereoptypes or who is willing to work on it with his/her students.


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