S.E.S Sustainable Ecological Schools

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Deadline to apply: 05/03/2024

As a primary school that carries out eco-school activities, the main goal of our project is to raise environmental awareness in our students, to increase their ecological awareness and to enable them to transfer this to non-school areas.

In this context, our priority is to increase the ecological sensitivity of our teachers and studentsWe, to show them various good practices in schools in different countries, to gain experience and to transfer these experiences to their students in a healthy way.

Looking for Partners specialized in

  • Primary

What qualities we seek in potential partners

We would be pleased to work with any schools. In this sense all the counties are wellcomed. We have a nearly ready project but we need to check it again so we need a hardworking team. Especially, Belgium, Spain, Çekya, Nedherlands, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Czechia are wellcommed.


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