Estancias Profesionales – Séjours professionnels – Job shadowing

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Deadline to apply: 11/02/2024


My name is Angela Llorente and I am a teacher in Spain. I work in a school (CP Rosario Pérez) which is located near Valencia, as a Visual Arts and English teacher.

I am interested in visiting your school for a 2-week period, because I have a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education to do so. You will only have to make an agreement with me but there are no fees implied on your part. You just have to accept my visit, which will be during the next academic year (2024/2025).

The Spanish programme is called “Estancias Profesionales” and promotes teacher mobility around Europe. I speak fluent English, Spanish, Catalan, French and Italian.

I would love to hear from you! Could you host me for 2 weeks? Let’s get in touch.

Best regards

Looking for Partners specialized in

  • Adult
  • Comprehensive
  • Primary

What qualities we seek in potential partners

Looking for schools from Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, Malta, Belgium.


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