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Deadline to apply: 31/12/2027

We are an accredited  high school from Sofia, Bulgaria. We need to look for tools to improve skills to a new level – not only to teach differently, but to help students, to parents and the teachers themselves to deal with isolation, with barriers in communication. A part of the students she is used to being isolated and returning to classrooms causes discomfort. We have to find a way to the more active participation of parents and to resume student-teacher-parent cooperation. Observed increasing the manifestations of various types of aggression and harassment. It is not possible for students not to be familiar with climate change and not looking for ways to care for the world around us.

Our goals in the project:

– Increased participation of students and greater rapprochement between teachers, students and their families;
– Prevention of early school leaving, negative school-family relations and early signs of teacher burnout;
– Developing creativity, empathy, communication skills, self-expression and cooperation;
– Focus on emotional intelligence and emotional regulation as a powerful stress coping skill;
– Promotion of intercultural cooperation;
– Encouraging participation in initiatives related to environmental protection and eco balance.
-Mobilities will help us to be part of the European educational space, which is a contribution to affirming the authority of the high school

Looking for Partners specialized in

  • Secondary

What qualities we seek in potential partners

We are looking for a school for mobility for our students aged 15-18. The objectives are related to the exchange of good practices, improvement of language skills, organization of discussion panels on emotional intelligence, initiatives related to environmental conservation, development of digital competencies, and others. We prefer Finland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, and Croatia. Contact Irina and Tedi



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