AI-Powered Custom Language Learning Platform

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Deadline to apply: 05/03/2024

Adult language education is so diverse that language schools often find it challenging to adapt their classes, whether online or face-to-face, to the specific profiles of their learners. Consequently, the classes are not sufficiently tailored to meet the needs and objectives of adult learners, leading to a high dropout rate from language classes. A study (( on the demotivation and dropout of adult students from EFL classes highlights that demotivated learners often attribute their dropout to external factors, such as poor teaching practices, insufficient speaking practice, and a perceived stagnation in reaching their desired level of proficiency. Generally, adults have strong opinions about the teaching approaches in their classes, while teachers may lack the resources and tools to customize their lessons to students’ needs.

Our project aims to address this issue using digital technology and innovation. We plan to create a platform that will serve as a tool for language schools and tutors, enabling them to tailor their lessons to the needs and expectations of their students. On this platform, schools will have the option to create a profile for each learner. This profile will be continuously updated by the teacher with information about each student, creating a unique student persona. The platform, powered by AI technology, will automatically generate a personalized learning path for each student using materials, lesson plans, exercises, quizzes, etc., already uploaded by the school.  If the AI detects a lack of necessary exercises and resources for an ideal learning path, it will notify the school and teacher to create and upload appropriate materials for the student’s persona. This approach ensures the school’s resources are always optimized and improved. Our goal is for each school to have resources fully aligned with their students’ main personas after 1-2 years of continuous use of the platform. We can focus on 2-3 minority language for the pilot period of the project and then release it to the public!

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