Sivas Buruciye Science and Art Centre

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The name of the Centre comes from Buruciye University, which was built in our historical city Sivas in 1271 during the Anatolian Selcuklu period. Sivas is a tourist city with healing springs and natural beauties, it has also deep historic roots with many landmarks belonging to Roman Age, Selcuklus, and Ottoman Empire. It is located in the central part of Turkiye and it is easy and fast to travel to the city by plane, bullet train, and bus. As the school is located in the centre of the city, transportation and accommodation are quite available. Sivas Buruciye Science and Art Centre was established in 2022; it started its educational activities in the educational years of 2022-2023 with a new, dynamic and enthusiastic staff.
The Centre has ateliers for creative thinking, music, art, technology and design, drama, storytelling, science, maths, robotic coding and ELT. It also has a modern astronomy centre, library and canteen.
The architectural plan of the centre is designed in accordance the needs of new generations in an unusual and modern way.
The centre accepts only gifted and talented students from local schools after a proficiency test. It serves its students a high quality education through project and research-based learning. The centre plans educational activities to improve students’ creative thinking, communication and collaboration skills to help them to recognize their own characteristics, reveal their individual differences and improve citizenship awareness. The slogan of the centre is, “discover my talent, direct my future.”
The educational institution undergoes activities that match the primary education and secondary education goals with the belief that ‘When I listen to it, I forget it; I remember it when I see it and I learn it when I do it.’
As the saying goes “If your plan is for one year, just plant rice; and plant trees for ten years; but discover your students’ abilities for a hundred years.” The centre aims to catch the time with 12 qualified teachers, 2 executives, and 2 assisting staff.


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