Type: Primary

CEIP Padre Manjón Elda

We are in Elda, about 30 km away from Alicante and it’s airport. We count on many innovation programmes and started with Erasmus projects in 2022. The CEIP Padre Manjón is a public center that includes the stages of the second cycle of Early Childhood Education and Primary Education, schooling children between 3 and 12 […]

Escola Básica Integrada de Ponta Garça

EBI de Ponta Garça is a public school whose training offering consists of Pre-School and 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cycle classes of regular Basic Education. The school also has other training offers, such as Occupational Program, Screening and Vocational Guidance, Pre-Professionalization and Vocational Training. In addition to these training offers, the school provides support for […]

SerGED Academy

SerGED Academy is an international mobility centre  for education and training organisation founded in Antalya,Türkiye we are providing mobility projects for all type schools and educational organisations. we supporting mobility projects as hosting and sending organisation.

III. osnovna škola Varaždin

III. Varaždin primary school is one of the 7 city primary schools. Our teachers work dedicatedly with students from 6 to 15 years old involved in various projects. We work every day to improve the quality of the education we provide.

Dimotiko Scholeio Dasoupolis (KB)

The Primary School of Dasoupoli (KB) is a public school that operated for the first time in the school year 1964-1965. Although the objectives and activities of the school stem from and depend on the curricula and circulars of the Ministry of Education and Culture, nevertheless our school seeks to further improve the quality of […]