Itamos Mouzaki

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The registered office of the Company is the Municipality of Mouzaki, in the Regional Unit of Karditsa, in the Region of Thessaly (Greece).

The Company’s overarching goal is to contribute to the long-term growth and provision of educational, cultural, and social services in the Municipality in which it is based, as well as in the surrounding area. The Company aims to serve the triptych of sustainable growth: society, economy and environment with emphasis not restrictively on:

1) the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens
2) volunteering, social well-being and cohesion
3) the transition to a sustainable and solidarity-based economy
4) social interaction and solidarity
5) the improvement of citizens’ skills and a smooth transition to the digital age
6) the provision of educational opportunities to all citizens
7) sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems and the conservation of biodiversity
8) tackling climate change, the shift towards renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, energy saving. In order to achieve its purpose, the Company develops, proposes, promotes, publishes, and implements documented proposals and research.


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