Gargždai Krantas progymnasium

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Klaipėda district Gargždai “Krantas” progymnasium carries out primary (students aged 7-10), comprehensive (students aged 11-15) and special education programs. It is a member of UNESCO school network which implements environmental and social-emotional education with the purpose to respond to everyone’s individual needs (including gifted students and students with special educational needs). Educational support specialists and teacher assistants work together to provide all students the conditions to successfully participate in the educational process. The philosophy of the school is LIFELONG LEARNING, i. e. the progymnasium community strives not only for everyone’s individual success, but at the same time gains collective strength. Teachers are constantly encouraged to develop their qualifications, share best practices, purposefully participate in project activities, organize district, regional and national events. The aim of the institution is practical and hands-on education not only in the school premises, but also outside of it.


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