Europass Teacher Academy ATHENA

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Europass Academy Athena is an educational organization based in Athens and a membert of the Europass Teacher Academy network located in Florence, Italy. Our emphasis and long-standing knowledge and experience in the education of students with special educational needs has been the framework of our organization’s values, knowledge and skills in teacher training provided in the context of Erasmus+ mobility programs. Over the last few years the Europass Academy Athena organisation started to grow and expand in areas such as Inclusive Education, educational use of ICT tools, drama/arts in education trying to respond to the challenges faced in everyday school life by teachers and students in European Union member countries and internationally.

As an established educational institution, we actively participate in Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects, developing partnerships and social networking with individuals and partners across Europe. Our involvement in these projects aims to empower teachers, improving their teaching, social and emotional skills in order to meet the demands of the classroom and strengthen collaborative relationships in the European educational context.

The evaluation of our institution by the teachers participating in our courses is associated with feelings of pleasure, deep satisfaction and recognition of the work we do, elements that are guarantees for our future collaborations.

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