Teacher Academy Berlin – EBB Europass Berlin Beratungsbüro GmbH

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EBB Europass Berlin Beratungsbüro GmbH (EBB – OID E10233216) is a certified training center based in Berlin. EBB offers international training courses for adults and school staff – as Teacher Academy Berlin. The main topics are: innovative and student-centred methodologies, STEAM, Project Based Learning, 21st century skills, classroom and conflict management, emotional intelligence and bullying prevention.

Our organization is furthermore active in the field of mobility programs at local, regional, national, European and international level. Europass Berlin is responsible for vocational education and training for learners, school staff and apprentices and promotes their professional, cultural and personal knowledge.

Europass Berlin GmbH also develops activities and projects addressed at people with migration and immigration background with the aim to foster their integration and social inclusion in the EU-countries.

Europass Berlin GmbH is applicant of and partner for mobility projects in cooperation with several German, European and international educational institutions and companies with the aim to support vocational education through internships and trainings for students, trainees, teachers and professionals locally and abroad.


The organization’s work is supported by EU funding programs, mainly the Erasmus+. Europass Berlin GmbH handles all aspects of mobility, serving as project applicant and partner for EU-funded projects.

Particularly our work consists of the following activities:

  • As applicant, we deal with every aspect of EU projects The projects we apply for include exchange and mobility projects for young people, learners, apprentices, job seekers and teachers (KA1), Strategic Partnerships (KA2) and Support for Policy Reform (KA3).
  • As project partner, we present ourself as intermediary for international sending institutions, looking for work-experience abroad for their project participants (KA1 and PON); as participating organization in Strategic Partnerships (KA2) and Support for Policy Reform (KA3).

Moreover, we offer consulting to schools and other educational institutions, that wants to provide their students and/or employees with the opportunity of a work-experience abroad.

Europass Berlin GmbH also offers language and training course for students and school staff. Partnered EU-Support Programs of ours include Erasmus+, PON and ErasmusPro.

The projects in which Europass Berlin GmbH is involved are based on the following topics and themes:

  • Ecology, eco-citizenship, and fight against climate change
  • Innovative teaching and learning methodologies for school education
  • Development of training materials and methods for implementing STEAM in the classroom
  • Digital education and transformation
  • Promotion of soft skills and emotional intelligence especially in education
  • International mobility in the employment market
  • Intercultural and democratic understanding, tolerance, respect, antidiscrimination, solidarity, equality and equal opportunities
  • Inclusion strategy and discourse in the EU
  • Citizen participation in the EU
  • Promotion of foreign language learning and teaching
  • Promotion of innovative teaching strategies and methodologies
  • Promotion of more inclusive teaching methodologies
  • Fight Fake News in Europe and foster critical thinking

Europass Berlin staff is active since many years in the fields of education, in particular Adult, Youth and VET education. About the vocational training, we often organize internships in the following fields: administration, economics, marketing, public administration, accountancy, tourism, catering, architecture, agriculture, renewable energies, ICT, mechanical engineering, kindergarten, language schools, design, art galleries.


Available for

Partnership projects KA2

  • As applicant
  • As partner

Students Mobility

  • Hosting Students

Teachers Mobility

  • Hosting Teachers

Organization strengths

-Coordination of KA210 and KA220 projects -Project writing -Organization of training courses for teachers and school staff -Hosting for students within KA1 mobilities