Çine District Directorate of National Education

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Cine İlce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (Cine Directorate of National Education),which is a public body, is the roof organization of all the private and public schools and adult education centres in Çine district. As a public body it supervises, encourages, inspects and disseminates educational activities and projects all around the district.572 teachers and trainers work and 6791 students receive education in 39 schools (kindergartens,primary schools, secondary schools and vocational and technical schools) under the charge of our directorate. 23 staff are assigned to conduct the coordination between the schools in our central office.History lessons are provided in our affiliated schools while several courses about traditional arts are given in our affiliated Public Education Centre.Çine, with its 61 villages, is home to about 50 thousand people with strong ties with the countryside.We focused on many supportive training programmes that are necessary to develope teaching and learning skills.

Cine MEM supports activities related to cultural activities on the transfer of knowledge from tradition to the future in all areas conducted by affiliated schools and adult education centres. It is strongly emphasized in our strategic plan that Cine MEM aims to educate individuals who adopt, preserve and enhance national, moral and cultural values as well as universal values. In the educational activities carried out, we cooperate with the municipality, governorship and other public institutions and local organizations. With the trainings conducted in the affiliated adult education centre, we contribute to the implementation of cultural heritage along with current methods. Festivals and events related to the trainings held in villages and district centre are organized every year. Lifelong learning planning and cooperation meetings are held at least twice a year; district governor, NGOs, department chiefs and village headmen attend the meetings.


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