Arsin Yeşilce Özel Eğitim Meslek Okulu

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Our school was opened in 2017. It was opened to improve the basic life skills of individuals who are under the age of 23, who cannot benefit from general and vocational secondary education programs, who have mild intellectual disabilities and who need special education, and to enable them to adapt to society and gain skills for work and profession. There are 17 teachers, 1 assistant staff and 40 students in our school. There are food and beverage, agriculture and handicraft workshops in our school. There are 4 classrooms in our school. We also have a multi-purpose hall and a dining hall.


Strategy of the organization:

It is to provide training according to the needs of individuals in need of special education in specially prepared environments with specially trained personnel, developed training programs and methods.

Object of the organization:

Our mission is to bring in individuals who can stand on their own feet, who have self-directed productivity, and who have freed themselves from being dependent on others.

Aims of the organization:

ü  To ensure the individual development of our students who need special education at educable level.

ü  To ensure the social and cultural development of our students who need special education at an educable level.

ü  To raise our students who need special education at educable level to a level where they can work in their own fields in their professional development.

ü  To create suitable environments that will enable these students to achieve the above-mentioned goals.

ü  To provide these students with business, study and professional awareness in line with their interests and needs.

ü  To provide these students with independent living skills in the above-mentioned areas.

ü  To train our individuals who need special education at educable level as well-equipped individuals who are oriented towards employment as exemplary individuals.

ü  To ensure their adaptation to life by including our students in the life of the developing and changing world.


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