Agrupamento de Escolas de Vale de Ovil

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Our school is located in the north of Portugal, in the countryside, in a small town called Baião. It is in a beautiful natural region, surrounded by mountains and near the Douro river and the Douro vineyards.  It takes only one hour to reach Porto, a very sophisticated, beautiful ancient touristic city.

Our school has around 800 students (whose age ranges 6-18) and 100 teachers. It has regular courses but also vocational ones. It has several clubs and projects, namely: Robotics Club, French Club, Erasmus+; Music Club, Live Science Club, Arts Club, School Sports Club and Human Rights Club. The school has two Specialised Units for supporting students with Autism Spectrum disorder, which provide an integral and inclusive development of these students.

We have been participating in Erasmus projects for around 13 years. At the moment we have Erasmus+ 21-27 accreditation for both school education and vocational education and we are having mobilities of educational People and pupils.



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Organization strengths

We have been participating in Erasmus projects for around 13 years and are always ready to take part in exchange programmes and mobilities, receiving and being received. Right now, we have Erasmus+ 21-27 accreditation for both school education and vocational education. Over the years, we have welcomed / hosted several groups of students and teachers from different nationalities; we have developed job shadowing activities and, as part of vocational education, we have offered internships to students from other countries, mainly in the catering sector. We have participated in many group mobilities, in both sectors, school and VET education, and have also sent vocational students to do their training in Italy, Greece and Spain. Our school is very modern, well equipped, and has many clubs and projects, which allows us to offer interesting educational, leisure and cultural programmes to our visitors. Some of the activities we usually provide to those who come in group mobilities of students are, for example: workshops on local handicrafts and gastronomy (traditional bread and cookies); visits to historical / pre-historical places of the region; visits to local handicrafts offices (walking sticks, basketry); tours to the Douro Vineyards; trips to Porto to visit some landmarks (Ribeira do Porto; the Porto Wine Museum; the Porto Wine Cellars; the Discoveries Museum…); lunches / dinners in typical restaurants with real Portuguese cuisine; thematic evenings to revive traditions; sports activities: hiking, canoeing…; games / quizzes / treasure hunts, etc.