79 Secondary School “Indira Gandhi”

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The school was opened on September 15th 1982 as the 79th Unified Secondary Vocational School.

One year later the first computer class in the country was created at the school.

In June 1985 festivals of children’s creativity were held within the framework of the Third International Children’s Assembly: Banner of Peace – Sofia ’85. That same year, on July 11th, the school adopted the name of the prominent Indian politician Indira Gandhi.

Graduates of the school have gone on to careers in various walks of life – actors and actresses, directors, musicians, engineers, academics, designers, programmers, sportsmen. The school’s staff celebrate their every success. So let’s put modesty aside and acknowledge that they are the fruit of their professional teachers’ guidance and dedication.

79 Secondary School prepares wonderful children, smart and knowledgeable kids who achieve some of the top results in State Examinations, Olympiads, and Sports Competitions. Among the prominent sportspeople are Olympic youth boxing champion Blagoy Naydenov, world famous kick boxing champion Kristina Nikolova, and street workout world champion Tsvetelina Staneva.

Innovation and new technologies are a priority in the educational programme. In response to contemporary needs and modern areas of career development in the global economy, Software and Hardware Science has been introduced as a vocational subject and been added to the school curriculum. There are six computer labs where students from grades 1 to 12 are given the opportunity to study, practise, develop and apply their knowledge in IT. Primary-age students study the innovative subject Visual Programming, and higher-level students study Profiled Training in IT as a main career choice.

The innovations in our school began in 2018 with students from grade 1 to grade 4. Visual Programming is a new subject added to the school curriculum’s innovative classes. With the help of games, children acquire knowledge about basic concepts in programming language. Through this their logical thinking and creative imagination are developed. New methods in teaching English language are also used – games and participation in drama. Children use tablets and control programmed devices during these innovative classes.

For five years in a row the school has participated in the National Innovation in Action program. The program aims to support creativity in a culture of innovation at school and in the nation, thus building creative thinking and new approaches to study in the name of student development and achievement, providing a resourceful environment for teaching staff by helping them to analyze and experiment via direct interaction, and promoting innovative practice and products.

In order to enhance these innovations, our team aims to use innovative tools and instruments in the teaching process which increase students’ motivation and creativity.


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Innovative Approaches in:  Primary classes: 1-4 classes - IT extra classes; Secondary High School classes: 8A & 9A intensive English classes - Flipped classroom; Gamification; Collaborative Projects; Culture & Language; ELA Life Skills