Török János Református Oktatási Központ_Török János Calvinist Education Centre

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School Overview:

  – János Török Agricultural and Health Vocational School, located in southern Pest County, 70 km from Budapest. 

  – Provides training for agricultural technicians, crop growers, animal breeders, and animal health inspectors. 

  – Evolution of training programs: animal breeding and health technician (1987), general agricultural technician (1992), replaced by environmental protection technician program (1998). 

  Adaptability and Expansion: 

  – School demonstrates continuous renewal, adapting to market economy changes, and meeting regional expert demand. 

  – Expansion into healthcare training initiated in 1975. 

  – Shift from secondary vocational education to humanities diploma program (1997/98). 

  – Current training sectors: healthcare, agriculture, environmental protection. 

  – Expansion plans include a high school and sports high school (2022) and diversification with bilingual education and fermentation/soft drink industry technician training (2024). 

  Fermentation and Soft Drink Industry Technician Program:

  – Comprehensive knowledge in soft drink, beer, brandy, and soda production. 

  – Key role in the fermentation industry, essential for alcohol, vinegar, yeast production. 

  – Responsibilities include overseeing technological processes, operating machinery, ensuring safe food production. 

  Agricultural Technician Profession: 

  – Focus on independent tasks in crop cultivation, animal breeding, and related technical and managerial areas. 

  – Graduates apply modern agronomic and technical procedures for economical production of high-quality agricultural products. 

  – Recommended for individuals aspiring to leadership roles contributing to the quality management of agricultural production. 


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