Rákospalotai Meixner Általános Iskola és AMI

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Our school is a privately founded primary school for children aged 6-14. There are eight grades and one class per grade. Altogether around 160 students attend our school. The school was augmented in 2000 and extended with the Art School in 2006. We were granted the ‘eco-school’ title in 2014. We implemented eco-friendly practices such as recycling programs, energy-efficient measures and visits to local recycling, sewage, etc. factories

The school is located on the outskirts of Budapest. Our pupils study in a 100-year-old one-floor building surrounded by an enormous green garden with monkey bars, a little pond, a rock garden, a bare-foot path and vegetable ponds.

The eponym of our school, Ildikó Meixner is the creator and developer of the renowned Meixner method, which we apply in teaching reading and writing. Our school integrates children with special educational needs. Thus the school integrates talented children with dyslexic, dysgraphic students, children with autism spectrum disorder, with slight hearing and visual impairment or disablement.

The main features of our school are the extra lessons provided by developing and special education teachers, a high level of professional knowledge and skill in dyslexic prevention and re-education. Our curriculum emphasizes developing social and personal skills through Arts, Drama, and Dance. It is paramount to keep traditions alive, so we have a lot of celebrations throughout the year.


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