Popovac Primary School

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In the current academic year, we proudly guide and educate 80 students (7-14 years old) with a commitment to delivering an enriched and comprehensive curriculum.

Our dedication to environmental stewardship has earned us the prestigious platinum Eco-School status—a reflection of our enduring promotion of environmental care as a core value and way of life. This recognition is the culmination of years of unwavering commitment to implementing impactful projects in ecology, environmental conservation, and coexistence with nature.

Embracing a global perspective, our school actively engages in a multitude of eTwinning projects, earning both national and European quality labels. We take pride in carrying the eTwinning School label for the esteemed 2023-2024 period, symbolizing our dedication to fostering international collaboration and enhancing educational experiences.

So far we have completed three Erasmus+ KA2 projects. We are going to apply for the Erasmus+ accreditation in October 2024.

Beyond traditional education, our school organizes a myriad of extracurricular activities, providing students with opportunities to immerse themselves in creative, sports, and scientific pursuits. These activities enable students to actively participate in various events, competitions, and contests, cultivating a holistic and well-rounded skill set.

Committed to various humanitarian actions and projects, we continually explore avenues to contribute our efforts, extending a helping hand to those in diverse needs.

In our school, we believe in the transformative power of community collaboration. Our strong ties with the local community not only contribute to the academic development of our students but also prepare them for the vital role of active and responsible citizens.


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