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PALLADIO is a modern and friendly school with origins that date back to 1921. A new campus has been established since 2008, in Vari, a suburb of Athens, with modern facilities that create an effective and pleasant educational environment for the students.

The school’s educational programme is greatly characterised by innovation. It is one of the leading schools in Greece in terms of adopting the 1:1 educational model and creating digital content. Students have access to a 3d printer, a weather station, a biology lab with digital equipment, an astronomy lab with a robotic telescope, and an earthquake-logging device. Courses such as robotics and electronics broaden the students’ horizons and encourage them to look for lifelong education. PALLADIO is also a school with a view to the world, implementing various short-term educational projects in collaboration with other schools in Europe.

PALLADIO is always in touch with the school community, using an online educational and parental platform, which allows students and their families to be informed of every aspect of school’s life.


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