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MDHELLAS was founded in 1999 to respond to the needs of today’s society and
contribute to a sustainable multicultural coexistence. The headquarters are located in Greece, in
the capital of Crete island-Heraklion town. Crete is the biggest island in Greece and one of the
most beautiful islands in Mediterranean coast. Our team supports and implements European
vocational training, social support and internship projects through the Erasmus+ , Ida
programme (Integration durch Austausch) , Alma etc. We organize training pathways & internships for all ages, for groups and for individuals. We support these projects and candidates from the beginning to theend. We offer tailor-made programs with a wide range of services, courses and activities, aperfect fit between culture, fun, language, education and professional experience to fit the
specific needs of each student or intern. MDHELLAS is focused on improving thequality and the effectiveness of every project .
We offer:
A native speaker supervision for the participants.
Weekly Greek-English language course.
Cultural & leisure excursions.
Organisation of internships
Organisation of accommodation
(Language certificates, Europass,
company references, ECVET)


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