Klebelsberg Kuno Primary and Secondary School

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Our school, Budapest 2nd district Klebelsberg Kuno elementary and secondary school provides elementary education from 1st to 8th grades and secondary education from 9th to 13th grades. We have 596 students. We place special emphasis on German nationality language teaching and integrating students with special educational needs into our pedagogic program. The Children’s House alternative foundation program was the part of our school until 2020 so community has always had an immense influence on our pedagogic program and the special atmosphere of our school. We take the social, biologic and cultural differences of our students into account and based on those we establish a supportive environment within our educational framework. Our teachers work with differentiation tailored to individual characteristics of students with special emphasis on developing learning situations that build on supportive and motivated activity, responsible decision making of students, and personalized assessment of their performance. This inclusive, adaptive learning environment made it possible for children with different abilities to learn together. The pursuit of a more cohesive atmosphere is supported by a variety of class and school community-based programs. We work together effectively not only with the students but also with the parents who fully support our pedagogical activity. One of the outstanding features of our school is our gym with climbing wall, which provides a venue for these and other sporting events. Active sports life is taking place here, which is the basis for our institutional goal of being a sport school in the future. In addition to German nationality education, the English language also plays a prominent role in our school, as it is the basis for successful international communication and it is a language of communication with growing number of our international students who do not speak Hungarian. In the lower grades, besides teaching German from the 1st grade, the teaching of the English language is included in the timetable from the 3rd grade. The lower grade foreign language teaching program provides a solid foundation for the first year of our secondary school, as our ninth grade provides a language preparatory training in eighteen hours per week. We also find important that ICT tools of our modern age are included into our curriculum. The digital competence of students and teachers alike need to be continuously developed. The Wi-Fi system built in our school in 2018 provides the basis for using digital devices. As a result, the use of the interactive whiteboard and the mobile phones in the classroom has already appeared in our school, increasing the motivation of the students and the methodological repertoire of our teachers. There is an ongoing international project in our institute that is attended by all grades in the school. Our receptive teachers are commited to innovation and to monitor the variety of local, national, or international applications to increase the availability of resources and raise the quality of the educational environment. All these results are mirrored in more efficient joint and cooperative work including our students, parents and teachers. It contributes to the acquisition of modern pedagogical methods that are essential for the versatile development of students’ skills and abilities, competences and personalities. Our pedagogical staff strives to educate our students as European citizens with up-to-date and secure knowledge. This requires constant renewal, which is best provided by regular trainings of their own field of expertise for our teachers and new possibilities to widen their horizon for our students.


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