Kerek Altalanos Iskola es Gimnazium

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For 50 years, the “Kerék” has been a defining figure in the educational life of Óbuda. An English-speaking and then a German-speaking working community has been operating here since the eighties, but the support of talent development and competitive sports was also a priority in the educational program of the institution. From 1995, high school education started with advanced IT education and a language preparation class. The teaching staff can be said to be stable, there is a long tradition of former students with wheelchairs starting here, and many of them continue their teaching careers here. The 5-year preparatory language classes and the 4-year language-informatics department high school classes based on the 8-year primary school education provide a family atmosphere for a total of about 800 students. The true renewal of the school can be measured from this academic year: the three dominant areas – IT (robotics), sports and foreign languages ​​- have enormous opportunities. The IT tenders won, long-term strategic partnerships with foundations, the cooperation agreement with sports associations, participation in courses, our competitions, language camps and joining the Erasmus+ tenders represent an extraordinary challenge for our teachers and students. From the beginning of the school year, we started the kindergarden tournament, in which the junior teachers of our school take an active role. The first-year students admitted to our school are introduced to foreign languages ​​from the very beginning: English or German. In the high school section, every student learns two foreign languages, in the first year of the language preparation class, students learn their chosen languages ​​15 hours a week, language students 6 hours a week. In the last two years, our high school students also study English/German target language civilization for 2 hours a week. Our improving competition results, our expanding foreign travel offer, our prestigious school events, and our native language teachers all indicate renewal. Our school joined a very modern language teaching method, DynEd, whose multimedia-supported teaching method develops all four language skills. This method is available to everyone – our foundation financially supports access to the program – it is also part of the lessons and plays a very important role in the language preparation of the teachers participating in the project. Among our short-term plans is the establishment of a talent center in our school, preparations and planning for this are already underway. The school’s new head of institution, management and teaching staff are committed to the consistent realization of our short- and long-term goals.


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