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August Treboniu Laurian Technical College is an educational institution that provides young people from Agnita and surroundings training in the technical field, level 3 and 4 European, thus providing qualified labor for companies located in the Central area of Romania.


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August Treboniu Laurian Technical College is an educational institution that provides young people from Agnita and surroundings training in the technical field, level 3 and 4 European, thus providing qualified labor for companies located in the Central area of Romania.

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Starting from the mottos “Be competitive!” and “We build the future!”, the College carries out its activities with the perspective of building a performance educational system, well anchored and continuously in contact with the community and the international environment, with fully integrated socio-professional graduates and autonomous through the acquired educational and professional skills. Thus we ensure intellectual development and professional development of the students, effectively and efficiently contributing to the economic and social prosperity of the city and localities related. Through the high educational-professional standards of the training and the openness towards the community, the school constitutes an active factor in the local and regional policy of sustainable development of the area.

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The 680 students are aged between 7-19 years, 56% come from the countryside, 100% are of Romanian ethnicity. At the college level, there are 33 classes structured on 5 levels of education, preschool, primary, secondary, high school and professional, so our institution offers a realistic and coherent school policy, focused on the demand of the labor market and the demand of the main beneficiaries: students, their families and economic agents. At the school level, all cycles and levels of training and sought-after fields (textiles and leather, commerce and automation electronics), viable and with a long-term perspective, are promoted.

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The August Treboniu Laurian Agnita Technical College is an educational institution that provides young people from Agnita and its surroundings with training in the technical field, at European level 3 and 4. It was established in 1953 as a MIXED SECONDARY SCHOOL for 10 years, after which in 1979 it turned into an Industrial High School , with the aim of providing qualified labor for the footwear and knitwear enterprises located in the central area of Romania. Currently, the College has 680 students from Agnita and its surroundings, on 5 levels of education, students are trained in the high school and professional cycle in the following fields/qualifications: textiles and leather-making textile products, automation electronics-technician computer operator, trade-technician in trade activities. The professions and trades that our school focused on respect the economic and social specifics of the area. In addition to technical education, we also have theoretical classes such as mathematics-informatics, philology and sciences. With the Motto “Education means power, science means freedom!”, August Treboniu Laurian Agnita Technical College has the perspective of institutional development in a complex, high-performance and modern European organization, an institution with a modeling role for an open and inclusive society, a professional community well inserted socio-professionally and motivated to learn throughout life. Participatory educational management applied in our college is beneficial for both the organization and its staff because participation in the decision-making process acts as a force that motivates the staff to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization, thus keeping the best trained people in the organization and talented, increases the performance of employees who, due to the fact that they work in a certain psychological comfort, they are much more motivated to communicate and find solutions to the problems that arise leading to a high degree of innovation as a result of openness to new ideas and solutions. At the level of our organization, there are 3 management structures: coordination and responsibility (director, deputy director, Board of Directors), collaborative structures (Teachers’ Council, Parents’ Committee, local public administration authorities) and advisory structures (union, Parents’ Association, The student council, economic agents), they equally contribute to the smooth running of the educational act. The commissions set up in our college (for curriculum, for evaluation and quality assurance, for SSM-PSI, for internal managerial control and for the prevention and elimination of violence) are composed of 46 teachers of general culture and 6 specialized teachers, these representing one of the key elements that interconnect with, organizational culture, identity and strategy the school, the leadership and management style and last but not least with the technical support provided for teaching learning assessment activities.

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“August Treboniu Laurian” Technical College, starting from the 2008 school year, carried out within the school projects and programs from European funds that contributed to increasing the visibility and prestige of the school in the community and to intellectual development and professional of his students:

  • 1.School partnerships with Gymnazium “Friederich List” from Asperg-Germany, College “Door werth” from Holland;
  • 2.Project Bil. Comenius No. COM-08-PBL-104-SB-UK “Stop! This is our community”, budget: 15000 EUR;
  • 3.Mobile project No. LLP-LdV/IVT/2011/RO/195 “Professional training at the European level in the manufacture of products from wood”, budget: 42622 EUR;
  • 4.Mobility project, No. LLP-LdV/IVT/2011/RO/19 “Development of skills at the European level in the field of informatics and communications with a view to integration on the labor market”, budget: 55632EU;
  • 5.VET mobility project No: 2015-1-RO01-KA102-014472 “European training in commercial activities and hardware component technical interventions”, budget: 48340 EUR;
  • 6.Strategic partnership project No. 2018-1-ES01-KA201-051005 “BIAS SCHOOL TV”, budget: 12860 EUR;
  • 7.VET mobility project No: 2018-1-RO01-KA102-047981 “Practice training at the European level for product manufacturers textiles and universal carpentry”, budget: 112585 EUR, a project that was a real success at the level of students, parents, the school unit and the community, after the first mobility that took place between Jan. 2019 and Feb. 2019 in Portugal, from where we received positive feed-back from external partners and an invitation to participate from a former intern, current graduate, to take part in the second mobility in Portugal. Accessible here: https://www.ctagnita.ro/proiecte/erasmus2, https://www.facebook.com/pg/ioneleagnita/events/?ref=page_internal.

Following the impact of the project, the project team decided to internationally disseminate the partial results of the project through participation in the call for selection at the “Professional Skills Week” Discover Your Talent event from Helsinki 2019, a fact that took place between Oct. 14 and Oct. 18, 2019, our college participated in this event European, being represented by the project manager Prof. Ionele Daniela-Elena; practice in European companies!”, budget: EUR 168,669.00.

The dissemination of the projects was carried out both at the local, county (Isj Sibiu) and national level by organizing activities within the European events, ErasmusDays2019, EuropeanSkillsWeek2019, as well as at national competitions by participating in the EduManager Gala (4th place at mobility projects) and European Leader. The media, the press, parents, students and the local community played a very important role important in the development, implementation and dissemination of projects. The impact is lasting and with long-term results, so that 20% of the participants in the first mobility, graduates of professional education, decided to continue their studies in the higher cycle, the technological sector.

  • 9.Erasmus+ K1 VET accreditation, No. 2020-1-RO01-KA120-VET-095209
  • 10.Accredited VET mobility project, No. 2021-1-RO01-KA121-VET-000006257, budget EUR 146,668.00;
  • 11.Accredited VET mobility project, No. 2022-1-RO01-KA121-VET-000052851, budget EUR 137,000.00.


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