Europass Teacher Academy – Dublin

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Europass Teacher Academy – Dublin is a cultural and educational organisation based in Dublin active in the field of mobility programmes at European and international level. Our organisation provides vocational education and training courses for teachers and school staff.  Topics include English Language courses, ICT, EduTech, mental health, student-centric learning, environmental sustainability and many other topics.  English Language courses include regular English lessons as well as training on how to provide Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). Training course on ICT give educators the tools to implement novel teaching methods such as Flipped Classroom and create Game-based learning material themselves. Courses on the Environment and sustainability feature activities on consumption-awareness as well as working with sustainable materials. Courses also include cultural components and tours to Irish parks and landscapes. Courses are designed to promote the exchange and collaboration between participants from various countries and to foster the European spirit.

The organisation’s work is supported by EU funding programmes, mainly the Erasmus+. We have been involved in two KA2 projects, one about improving training courses for international training courses and another one about applying comedy and humour in education.


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Organization strengths

We are experts in - English language teaching and CLIL - Social and Emotional Learning, Conflict Management, (Cyber-)Bullying - Project-Based Learning, Flipped Classroom, Student-Centric learning - AI in Education - Technology (VR, 3D Printer, Robotics, etc) - Environment and Sustainability - Mental Health, Wellbeing and Yoga

Projects published

  • Empowering Teachers with AI: A CLIL Integration Project

    Our project seeks to merge the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, specifically ChatGPT, with Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methodologies. The primary objective is to enhance lesson delivery for non-native speakers, especially migrants at the secondary level. The project aims to train teachers in leveraging AI to adapt existing course material to the appropriate language […]