Ski-Akademie Schladming

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  • Schladming, Austria

The Ski-Akademie Schladming is seen as a centre for excellence in sportive, business and economic know-how. Professional training in alpine-skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and biathlon is added to general scholastic and commercial qualifications.

Ski-Handelsakademie – Commercial Trading College


In the Ski-HAK (6 years), theoretical knowledge in the business sector is combined with professional practice. The students are obliged to complete internships and through their participation in a certified training firm they learn about the workflow in a real business.

One focus in their education is on sports and event management.

The Ski-HAK finishes with a final exam called Reife- und Diplomprüfung (Maturity and Diploma Exam or A-levels). For this exam the students have to write a pre-scientific thesis about business related contents.

Besides English with a focus on business purposes as the first foreign language, the school also offers Italian with business related communication skills.


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