Scoala Gimnaziala Speciala Nr. 4-Bucuresti

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The Special Secondary School Nr. 4 (SGS4) in Bucharest has a vast reservoir of experience in activities and programs related to educational development, particularly for students with special needs. SGS4’s activities and experiences are a testament to our dedication to holistic education and international collaboration. Our key personnel bring a combination of skills and expertise that guarantee the success and impact of our projects.

  1. Holistic Development Programs: SGS4 has executed educational initiatives that utilize theatrical play, art, melotherapy, and sports. These programs target the comprehensive development of students by enhancing their psychomotor skills, creativity, imagination, and importantly, communication abilities, a known deficiency area.

Infrastructure and Resource Augmentation: Over the past 4 years, SGS4 had a great project team and applied to ERASMUS +, being a partner for other school institutions that have applied and being coordinator.  For example we had4 Erasmus projects (Ka 229 projects like partners) and one in Ka 105 named “Together we learn to be HAPPY”, number 2020-1-RO01-KA105-078555. Through our initiatives, we have significantly enriched our school’s infrastructure and resources. This includes the renovation and decoration of classrooms and the school hall, and the addition of vital learning tools such as computers, toys, and games.

  1. International Collaborations: SGS4 has been a forerunner in fostering international relations through EU-funded projects (Erasmus+). Our partnerships span across various countries like Greece, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, and more. We’ve been actively involved in programs like Youth in Action, Comenius, and the Leonardo da Vinci program, culminating in our recent participation in the ERASMUS PLUS program.
  2. Ongoing ERASMUS Projects: Our current engagements include projects such as “Child like you are me”, “Bridge to Knowledge”, and “Collective Emotions”, showcasing our commitment to a diverse range of educational goals.
  3. E-Twinning Initiatives: Our digital integration is evident through our active projects on the eTwining platform like “Questions about our countries” and the “Travelling Bear”.


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