Re videregående skole

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Re High school is an upper secondary school with 800 students and 120 teachers located in the South of Norway 1,5 hours from Oslo. The school offers both academic and vocational education.

The school has many years of experience with Erasmus+ in health subjects. Now we want to offer mobility stays to students from construction as well. We have a KA121 VET accreditation and are looking for a partner school regarding students within the field of construction, preferably in the Nordic countries or Germany. The goal of individual short-term mobility is to give students the opportunity to spend a learning period abroad with a cooperating vocational training provider. The placement can be at school or in a company.

The framework and guidelines for the mobility project for wich we are accredited are:

Mobility stay for 10 days (weekends are included) + 2 travel days. A valid day should usually be one working day in length.

The learning period must include a strong work-based component, including practical work where the participant engages in authenticwork situations.

We are ready to send out 2-3 students in the school year24/25, and can accept students from you too. Please get in touch if you are interested.


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