Liceo Scientifico Statale “Sensale”

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The Liceo Scientifico Sensale offers education and training services aimed at obtaining an upper secondary education diploma. It is attended by around 1000 students aged 14 to 19. The training action of the high school, in an exchange network with the territory in which it has been operating for over forty years, aims to provide effective and active education, which allows one to consciously participate in the sustainable development of the community that welcomes and nourishes and allows students to easily enter universities and work.

Our high school received Erasmus + KA122 funding for a teacher mobility to be carried out in Finland.

The Erasmus+ project is aimed at strengthening the quality of the educational process through the observation of teaching-learning systems and environments of a Finnish school. We want to strengthen our organizational and team building skills.


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Teachers Mobility

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Organization strengths

The Liceo Sensale includes various courses of study in its educational offering: 1) Traditional which explores the link between Science and humanistic tradition; 2)International - Cambridge for strengthening the international dimension; 3) Applied sciences for strengthening STEAM skills; 4) Sports orientation that connects science to sport and well-being. The aim of our school is to prepare students for the increasingly technologically advanced world of work and to support individual development to make young people responsible and engaged citizens. We like to think of the learning process as a circular challenge in which each action is the basis of a subsequent action shared with learners and teachers; we like to think of teaching as a sustainable process in which each step produces new and renewable energy that fuels the curiosity and enthusiasm of all the protagonists of the learning process.