Sande Videregående Skole

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Sande High School is a combined high school with approximately 400 students, located in a small town an hour south west of Oslo, the capital of Norway. A combined high school means that the school offers both vocational as well as university preparing studies, and we have 5 different studies to offer. Three are vocational, eletrician, health- and childcare, and industrial production, while the remaining two are study preparing with a focus on either general studies or sports.

The primary goal for our participation on this site is to acquire partners for student exchanges. We would first of all like to partner up with a school in Spain for our students studying Spanish and Ireland for our students studying English. We also have a sports class that is open to travel to any country in the EU as long as the focus is on sports, both organized as well as unorganized, and inclusion.

Our secondary goal is for our teachers to jobshaddow in any of the EU countries. For the teachers teaching general subjects the focus has to be on their subjects, while for the vocational teachers the focus has to be on their vocational subjects. We are of course open for visits to our school for this type of activity.



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