National High School of Commerce

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  • Plovdiv, Bulgaria

This professional educational institution has a rich history dating back over a century. It gives pupils professional skills and knowledge in the subject of economics. Inclusionary abilities for contributing to social interaction are even given extra attention. As of right now, in the 2023–2024 academic year, we have 39 courses with about 1000 students studying a variety of specialisations. In addition to providing a high school education, our school emphasises the study of some rigorous foreign languages, and each student is required to specialise in one of them.

We offer the following majors in banking, accounting, economic informatics, e-commerce, commerce, management, and marketing.
The school has 9 computer labs. Students study many subjects related to computers. Every teacher has a computer or a tablet.

We have many clubs of varioty of subject. We are passionate about the environment. We grow flowers and keep nature clean. We are active citizens. We have a Euro club, a Discussion club and a Student parliament.
Students adore athletics in our school. We have numerous clubs and sports teams, including football, basketball, volleyball, and folk dancing.


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