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Mercantec is a Danish VET center that offers a comprehensive range of Upper Secondary High school and vocational education and training in both technical and business fields, as well as a training center for adult education as part of the Danish lifelong learning program. Annually, Mercantec trains approximately 2.700 full-time equivalent (FTE) students and employs around 450 staff members being full-time employees.

With a strong focus on technical expertise, Mercantec specializes in training young students and adults in various areas including automation engineering, robotics, electronics, auto mechanics, welding and fitting, plumbing and ventilation, electricians, CNC technicians, data engineers, and IT support. In the construction sector, they offer specialized training in heavy machinery and excavation, crane operation, carpentry, concrete work and floor laying. Additionally, their hotel and restaurant programs emphasize nutrition and healthy food. In the business sector they offer marketing, innovation, public administration, business law, and events.

Mercantec’s mission is to maintain and further develop the supply of technical and mercantile education for youth and adults at the local, regional, and national levels. Their vision is to be the preferred choice in VET education for their customers. The school also provides competence clarification services for both skilled and unskilled workers, as well as unemployed citizens, in closes collaboration with local and regional authorities and companies.

As part of its strategic initiatives, Mercantec actively engages in partnerships with numerous local, regional and national companies, fostering strong connections with industry and ensuring that their training programs are aligned with current marked demands and future trends. By continuously updating their curriculum and collaboration with industry partners, Mercantec remains at the forefront to VET education and contributes significantly to the development of a skilled and competent workforce.


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