IIS Mosè Bianchi, Monza

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In our school there are 1.300 students aged between 14-19. The students follow 2 different
programmes: 1. Lyceum of Foreign Languages and Literatures; 2. Technical studies: Business studies
and Administration, Tourism, Construction. They learn foreign languages (English, Spanish, German,
French and Chinese), Mathematics, Italian literature, Economics, Accounts, Computer studies,
Geography, History, Art, Latin, P.E., etc. We are responsible for secondary education in Monza’s
main hospital and in Monza’s jail.
If you visit our school website https://www.iisbianchi.edu.it/ and
https://www.iisbianchi.edu.it/pagine/mb-international, you’ll find out that there are several extracurricular activities aiming to give the students a harmonic and global cultural background
contributing to educate well rounded personalities. Pupils are encouraged to engage in discussions
in English and in other foreign languages. Activities characterizing our school are CLIL, Cambridge
IGCSE and A-level courses and Debating groups, a course of Italian for foreigners. Both the
Cambridge IGCSE courses and the Italian course are usually followed by our guest students during
their mobility at our school. The international environment is guaranteed by several foreign students
who spend a school year or a semester at our school. At the moment we are coordinating 2
Erasmus+ projects, below are the links to the projects:
In 2021 we obtained Erasmus School Accreditation 2021-2027 and in February 2022 we obtained the
Erasmus VET Accreditation 2021-2027 for school mobilities and internships abroad for students and
mobilities for teachers.
During the 1
st year of school accreditation 2021-22, 34 students aged 16-17 experienced their long (3
months), short (3 weeks) and group (15 days) mobilities in Finland, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal
and Turkey. 10 teachers were involved in different kinds of mobilities: prep visits, job shadowing and
During the 2nd year of School Accreditation 2022-23, we organized 34 mobilities (24 long and 12
group mobilities) in Finland, Spain, France, Germany and Greece. About 15 teachers were involved in
different kinds of mobilities: accompanying students, job shadowing and courses.

In the present 3rd year of School Accreditation 2023-24 we are planning 23 long mobilities (8 wekks),
12 group mobilities and mobilities for teachers and school staff. The long period mobilities will be
held between 10 January – 10 March 2024.
The students’ mobilities are on an exchange basis so the foreign students who hosted our students
are usually welcomed at our school when the Italian students get back home. Useless to say that the
presence of the foreign students is highly appreciated and they contribute to make our school
international and more and more vibrant. Both the Cambridge IGCSE courses and the Italian course
mentioned before are attended by our students (of course!) and by our guest students during their
mobility. In addition, we are one of the 2 leading schools of BRIDGE THE GAP, an Erasmus project
dedicated to foster inclusiveness and promote a multicultural environment with 4 schools from
Germany, Spain, Greece and the Czech Republic. In May 2023 we hosted 50 students and 11
teachers of the partner schools. You can read all the information and videos about this project at the
following link
As for the internships connected to the VET accreditation, we are scheduling 22 mobilities (6 weeks
long) in Irland and Spain between and 5 VET Erasmus PRO (3 months long) for our ex students who
got their final diploma in July 2023 but not involved in university studies.

This is our IG account dedicated to the Erasmus Accreditation Mobilities:
This is the work-in-progress site dedicated to the Erasmus Accreditation Mobilities:


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