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We are the High School Dormitory from Slovenia, consisting of 15-20-year-old students totaling 400.
Our primary focus is on prevention, mental health, well-being, and empowering young individuals to become more resilient and active. We assist them with their daily challenges and activities. Our educators serve as their mentors and coaches on their journey toward responsible adulthood.
We are highly enthusiastic about projects focused on preventing digital addiction, mental health, outdoor activities, and soft skills…
Internally, we have projects such as “Improving well-being through movement” and “Strengthening healthy habits while abandoning harmful ones.” Both focus on health, well-being, and prevention of excessive use of mobile devices and harmful effects of social media. We have an inner project: Social media as a social-pedagogical tool.
We would like to host educators and young people and also send our educators and students across EU.
MOre you can see on www.ddb.si or IG 



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