Haci Sohret Demiroz Science High School

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Hacı Şöhret Demiröz Science High School; undertaking a mission to host the country’s talented students and pave the way for groundbreaking education. It is a special student community formed by selecting students from the top 3% percentile in Turkey. Our students stand out with their academic achievements, each progressing towards a specific goal, showcasing exceptional performance. The English proficiency levels of our students range from A2 to C1, contributing to the enhancement of their language skills at an international level.

Hacı Şöhret Demiröz Science High School goes beyond the confines of textbooks, offering students the opportunity to work on projects where they can generate solutions to real-world problems. Our students are actively engaged in 20 national projects in collaboration with their teachers, focusing on scientific and technological fields. Moreover, their eagerness to participate in international projects is noteworthy.

The success of our school is significantly attributed to an experienced and expert teaching staff guiding the students. Our teachers work intensively to help students discover their potential and bring them together with scientific thinking.

Students at Hacı Şöhret Demiröz Science High School not only aim for national success but also focus on achieving success at the international level. The school encourages students to participate in global projects, providing them with opportunities to develop global thinking and collaboration skills.


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