Gymnasium and VET school for chemistry and pharmacy Ruše – Gimnazija in SŠ za kemijo in farmacijo Ruše

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Our school, located in Ruše near Maribor, the second-largest city in Slovenia, offers secondary education. We have three distinct programs, including general high school, chemical technician, and pharmaceutical technician programs. Despite being a smaller institution, we take pride in our diverse and dedicated student body, comprising approximately 350 students aged 15 to 19. Additionally, our school provides the convenience of an on-site student dormitory for those who require it.

We have Erasmus VET accreditation until 2027 and an ongoing KA122 SCH project.


Available for

Students Mobility

  • Hosting Students
  • Sending Students Abroad

Teachers Mobility

  • Hosting Teachers
  • Sending Teachers

Organization strengths

1. In-House Student Dormitory: Our school boasts its own student dormitory, which offers accommodation for international students as well as teachers, fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment. 2. Extensive Mobility Experience: We take pride in our extensive experience in organizing student and teacher exchanges, promoting knowledge sharing and international connections. 3. Proficient English Proficiency: The majority of our students possess excellent English language skills, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration in international projects and student exchanges. 4. Innovative Teaching Methods: We are committed to implementing innovative teaching methods, constantly striving to enhance the learning experience for our students.