‘Geo Milev’ Foreign Language High School

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Distinguished school in Dobrich, Bulgaria, consistently ranked among the top 30 schools in the country. Nestled in the northeastern town, our institution caters to students aged 14 to 19, fostering a dynamic academic environment.

At our school, language learning is a cornerstone of education, with intensive study programs in German, English, Spanish, and Russian. Our students develop proficiency in at least two languages, preparing them for global opportunities and cultural diversity.

Beyond linguistic excellence, our school boasts a vibrant debate culture, nurturing talented debaters who engage in thoughtful discourse. Additionally, our students are avid enthusiasts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and robotics, reflecting our commitment to preparing them for the future in a technology-driven world.

Join us on a journey of academic excellence, linguistic mastery, and innovation at our renowned institution in Dobrich.


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