Europass Teacher Academy Finland

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We are a part of the Europass Teacher Academy network, which is the largest network in Europe to provide teacher professional development courses. Each year, our academy in Finland provides Erasmus + courses to more than 1400 teachers from all around Europe and different parts of the world. Our participants have rated us on average 9.35/10 on our verified course reviews.

We are a team of experienced and enthusiastic educators in Finland, equipped with diverse knowledge and competencies, capable of supporting and enhancing your Erasmus+ projects from beginning to end.

Our team of educators have strong background in the following areas:

  • Finnish education
  • Environmental education
  • Outdoor education
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Positive psychology and pedagogy
  • Digital & media literacy
  • Global citizenship education
  • Multicultural education
  • Drama Education


Available for

Partnership projects KA2

  • As partner

Students Mobility

  • Hosting Students

Teachers Mobility

  • Hosting Teachers
  • Sending Teachers

Organization strengths

Skilled in designing engaging and innovative learning activities and materials for both teachers and students of diverse background. Active and responsible collaborators who promote professional interflow. Strong cultural cognizance to work in an intercultural environment. Value professional ethics.