De Bron

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“De Bron” is a Free ASO school located in Tielt, a small town in rural Belgium. European projects offer us opportunities that we would have to miss without this cooperation with its European partners o.w.v. the small scale of the community. Repeated cooperation within the local community with private companies, museums, universities, hospitals, etc. helps the Source broaden its outlook to European level. Europe is a key element in our education project. Almost every pupil therefore gets the chance to participate in an international project during their school career, either virtually (eTwinning) or in real life (Neighbourhood Classes, Off the Wall, Erasmus+). Equity is also a key objective of the Source, both for pupils and teachers. Equity is also important: this project is not just for the happy few. The project promotes cooperation among teachers of different subjects and diverse age groups of pupils.
De Bron has about 900 learners and 120 staff members. The pupils are between 12 and 18 years old. They choose general education, within which there are two main options: classical languages and modern sciences. As their age progresses, they can opt for increasingly specific programmes: (classical or modern) languages, sciences, mathematics, economics. Outside this curriculum, our pupils show great interest in participating in extra-curricular activities within various fields (sports, culture, volunteering, etc.) in the (surrounding) communities. The anchoring of their social life in the community is high, so their world is not limited to school and family life. As a school, we would like to offer them additional opportunities to broaden and share their knowledge and skills acquired in various fields, among themselves, within the local but also international community.


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