Converzum Tudomány Nyelviskola Zrt.

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  • Budapest, Hungary

Converzum was established in 1991. Légrádi Tamás, the owner and founder is the presidents of The Association of Hungarian Language Schools and is also the founder of Language Parade, an annual Expo that has been organized for 22 years, and which provides a unique opportunity for thousands of learners and teachers to meet and learn about new developments in education.
Converzum is an institution with a license for adult education complying with the Law on Adult Education, with licensed training programs. Our quality assurance system complies with the strict requirements set both by accreditation bodies in Hungary and the Law on Adult Education.
We have a broad portfolio of activities covering all areas of teaching and learning:
– international teacher training
– language courses and exams (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge)
– publishing
– digital material development
– translations, interpreting services
– 2-3-day competence enhancement skills trainings
– methodology conferences
– coaching, mentoring
– Erasmus + teacher training courses
In our teacher development courses our mission is to create a supportive community bringing together teachers from all over the world   to make learning a shared and fun experience.
We strongly believe that we redefine teacher training for those who choose us. We offer a wide selection of courses and we are also open to design tailor-made syllabi that will enable our participants to improve their competences, get inspired and recharge their creative energy.
Our trainers are experienced coaches, mentors and teaching professionals who offer a content-strong and fun learning experience.


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