Candea College

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We are a large secondary school with 2 locations that hosts all levels of secondary education from more practical to gymnasium.

Since we are accredited by Erasmus+ we are always looking for new projects so that students can learn outside of the regular settings. We focus on ‘green’ travel for most of our projects since we try and create projects for all of our classes as part of their curriculum. This means that all students of our school take part in an exchange before they graduate.

Besides our class projects we also have some other projects that students can apply for. These projects involve smaller groups of students and take place accross Europe, so unfortunately we can not always travel green.

We are still looking for partners for 5 of our pre-gymnasium student classes. (groups of 25) within driving distance of our school. This will be a 2/3 day project without host families. The focus will be on connecting, communicating in English and getting to know country and culture.

Of course we are also open to new partners from other places to start small scale projects with!


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