Aksaray Atatürk Anadolu Lisesi

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Ataturk Anadolu Lisesi (AAL) is a fourteen-year state school situated in the center of Aksaray province. It has a roll of 688 students and over 50 staff.
AAL is for grades 9-12 and attended by students of ages 14-18. We have classes for children with special needs. They have lessons in specialized classrooms and are partly integrated in regular classes. AAL provides with education several students with serious diagnoses and chronic disabilities at home and online. Those students are taught according to individualized school programmes.

Students at our school can take active roles in social activities carried out by social clubs like E-Twinning, ICT Club, Values Club, Tourism Club, Culture and Literature Club, Library Club, Maths Club, Sports Club, First Aid Club etc.
AAL with its all above mentioned characteristics provides a suitable learning environment for our students. It tries to do best to support and develop the students’ educational life from all perspectives.


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Students Mobility

  • Hosting Students
  • Sending Students Abroad

Teachers Mobility

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Organization strengths

• Being a school that can respond to individuals' interests and needs. • Availability of lifelong opportunities. • Individualized Teaching. • The number of students per classroom being at standard levels. • Participation in sports activities and having students talented in sports. • Availability of accommodation and dining options for female students. • Possibility to participate in local and national projects. • The school being open to innovations and all ideas. • The teaching staff being young, having a tendency to learn and develop themselves. • Having all subject teachers. • Having dynamic, experienced, equipped, and technologically knowledgeable staff. • Giving importance to the opinions of the institution's employees. • Effective implementation of quality improvement and enhancement efforts in our institution. • Adoption of an innovative educational approach. • Having staff sensitive to societal issues. • Intensity of social and cultural activities. • No problems in terms of School Health and Hygiene. • The number of students per classroom being at standard levels. • Availability of a boarding facility for residential students. • Our school being located in a spacious area away from city noise. • Openness to developing physical spaces. • Efforts to equip classrooms according to technological advancements and capabilities. • Accessibility of the school library to students according to its capabilities. • All classrooms being equipped with interactive boards as part of the Fatih Project and having fiber high-speed internet connection. • Continuation of improvement and enhancement efforts in our school. • Organization of courses in our school. • Emphasis on social activities. • Openness of internal communication channels within the institution. • Strong communication between school, teachers, and parents.