4th Junior High School of Kavala

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Our Junior High school is located in the beautiful seaside city of Kavala. We have recently received accreditation.

We have actively engaged in Erasmus initiatives for an extended period, cultivating connections with numerous European schools. Our involvement spans a diverse range of Erasmus exchanges, encompassing both teacher and student participation.

We have also participated in ETWINNING projects and have received National Quality Labels.

We are eager to broaden our impact by forging meaningful partnerships across Europe.

Our objectives include:

Foster a deep understanding of environmental issues among students.
Encourage sustainability practices and eco-friendly initiatives within the school community.
Collaborate with European partners to exchange best practices in environmental education.

Instill a sense of European identity and citizenship in students through cultural exchanges and collaborative projects.
Emphasize the importance of mutual respect, tolerance, and appreciation for diverse European cultures.

Encourage creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among students.
Collaborate with European partners to share innovative educational practices and enhance the overall learning environment.

Available for

Students Mobility

  • Hosting Students
  • Sending Students Abroad

Teachers Mobility

  • Hosting Teachers
  • Sending Teachers