47 Hristo G. Danov school

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47 Hristo G. Danov  is a state school in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our school is located in the centre of Sofia and is one of the oldest schools in Bulgaria, dating back to  1909.

At present we have about 600 students from first to twelfth grades according to the Bulgarian curriculum.

Our intention is to find a partner organization – a host country of the Erasmus+ Programme, with which we can establish a close relationship and work together. We intend to develop a project proposal under the “School Education” Sector, Key Activity 1 “Educational Mobility for Citizens”, project KA122 – Short-term mobility of students and staff. The project proposal will be intended for students of XI and XII class,  “Entrepreneurship” profile , which is a major subject. This will be a prerequisite for their career guidance and professional realization.

We would like the training to be held in a practical environment where the students can combine theoretical knowledge with the activity of the business atmosphere.

Our intention is to send about 15-20 students, 17-year olds + 3 teachers.

Thank you for taking the time to read our inquiry about finding a partner organization!

We look forward to your response!



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